I find that one of the most misunderstood products would have to be mousse. Almost everyday I hear from people who are hesitant to use mousse because they feel it will be sticky or stiff. Well that’s because you used too much or applied it incorrectly. To use mousse correctly it must be used at the scalp! Mousse is designed to give you volume an hold, perfect for high humidity. So begin by dispensing about ping pong ball to a large egg size amount into your palm. Rub your palms together. Now using finger tips only, massage your scalp. When you feel like there is no more left on your finger tips, rub your hands together again to “reload”. After you feel like you have covered your scalp you can then proceed to pull it through the ends. I also suggest using a comb to help disperse it better. Now blow it dry and style as usual.

I am not a fan of using mousse on hair that is air dried naturally, there are products that work better for that.

Hope this helps đŸ™‚

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