Why I love my job!

The other day I got a special present from a very special client. Her name is Molly. Molly has a condition that presents its self much like cerebral palsey, Its called Retts syndrome. Giving Molly a haircut is a challenge because she cannot speak and she is constantly moving, unable to control her movements. And did I mention she’s adorable!  The other day she came home from her school and was really excited about something. After about 10 minutes her mom figured out what she was trying to communicate. At school that day someone had given the  kids silly bands, you know the rubber bands that are in the shape of animals and cartoon characters, etc. Well one of the silly bands was shaped like a pair of scissors and she insisted that her mom bring it to me on her next appointment. That made my day. It’s the little things like that make me love my job. 

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