Salon Stats

I recently read an article in a trade publication that a company called Market Force had done some research into the salon industry. I thought their findings were interesting so I’ll share.

•Nine out of 10 respondents report that they receive salon services

•One-third go to a salon for a haircut every six weeks, another one-third frequent a salon at least four times a year.

*Of those who go to a salon, 90% say that they received a haircut during their last visit. One-third of respondents received a color treatment

•Twenty-five percent of those surveyed paid $75 of more for their last salon appointment, 6 in 10 respondents paid $25 or more

•Twenty percent of respondents purchase salon products

•In terms of choosing a salon

1. Sixty-four percent report that the overriding factor is a specific beauty professional’s expertise, which they rate a five, based on a five point scale,

2.Forty-two percent also rate the importance of their relationship with a stylist/colorist as being a 5

3.Location/convenience scored half as many points

•Locally owned salons are favorites, with 70% of respondents reporting that they’ve visited a local salon within the last six months.

•Among major salon brands, Aveda salons are the most popular (11%). Next in line is Great Clips (7%)

•Twenty percent of respondents have tried a new salon within the last six months. The greatest motivation for doing so is a friends recommendation.

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