“The Wrong Theory”

While reading Wired magazine recently I stumbled across a design theory that I’m obsessed with, called  “The Wrong Theory”.  The basic theory is to take something from a good design an intentionally mess it up. The reason is that it engages the viewer, makes them really pay attention an reflect for a moment. Wired magazine does this on their cover, they intentionally put a weird pattern or a color that doesn’t quite flow with the rest of the design. Here’s some examples of their covers. The writer (designer) likens it to listening to a new cd. That cd that you love upon the first listen, you’ll listen to it till your sick of it then put it away. But a cd that you don’t immediately like, one that challenges you to listen on a different level,  can be more rewarding over time.

I’m obsessed with how to translate this into hair. How something a little off, could engage the onlooker. Whether its a non-complementary color added or creating a negative space within a haircut the possibilities are endless. A good friend of mine let me experiment the other day. After completing his haircut I thought about creating a “wrong”. I had given him a very traditional tapered neck line and decided it needed some visual interest. So I shaved a narrow vertical  rectangular shape within the taper. The effect was exactly what I wanted, something was a little off, therefore it made you do a double-take. I can’t wait to experiment more with this idea.

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2 thoughts on ““The Wrong Theory”

  1. Jennifer Wilson

    Its funny you mention that design theory right now. I feel like I have been having to learn to like things a little off kilter. It gives the design character. As in life it is our flaws that make us perfect!Old houses are that way. C.D.s are the perfect example I think…chalenging you to like it. Its all about expanding your mind. Youve always helped me with that Ronny!


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