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Exciting Trip In January!

This January it is my privilege to attend the  Davines World Wide Hair Tour  in Miami. There will be two days of hair shows an education at the Fillmore Miami Beach at the Jackie Gleason Theater.  Featured artists are Angelo Seminara, Allilon, Brian & Kristen and the Davines Artistic Team stylists from North America.

I will also be attending a special private Davines 3-day cutting class at the Vidal Sassoon South Beach!!!!

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Need More Volume?

Clients often ask what they can do to get more volume in their hair. Here’s some tips.

1, Wash you’re hair with a volumizing shampoo or a shampoo long or fine hair ( I suggest MELU from DAVINES) and apply a light conditioner to the ends only.

2, Rinse an blot your hair with a towel. I’ve noticed clients apply their products to hair that is much to wet, which will dilute the product. Apply mousse (I like the Creative Moulding Foam from DAVINES) at the crown, near the scalp an then distribute with a comb through the ends.

3, Now with your dryer on high, really lift that hair off the scalp, flip upside down if you’d like.

4, When your hair is almost dry, section your hair into manageable portions an blow dry with a round brush, lifting each section straight out from the head.

5, For added volume use hot rollers. Place the roller 2 inches from your scalp (not the ends) then roll to the scalp, leaving the rest loose. You’ll get volume but without curl.

6, Leave them in for 10 minutes. Then flip your head over an ruffle your hair with you hands. At this point you can add  something for shine, or on more humid days add a little hairspray and you’re done.

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My Secret Weapon for Curls!

I’ve found the best combo for keeping those curls looking great! Apply Davines MoMo Serum into your damp hair, concentrating on the ends and around your face. Diffuse your hair about 75% DON’T SCRUNCH IT! Let the hair hang naturally or flip your head over for lots of volume. After you’ve diffused it apply liberal amount of Davines Invisible Styling Cream, squeeze it in there. Don’t run your fingers through it. Now continue diffusing , at this point you may scrunch your hair for more volume. and Voila defined, touchable curls an no frizz!!!!this one first!

then this one!

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Davines Authentic Line

Recently I’ve been using the new line from Davines called Authentic and I must say I’m impressed. The entire line is 98-100% organically derived and is  free of sulphates, added parabens, artificial coloring, silicon and ethoxylates, which is good for the skin. But I what I find amazing is that each product has multiple uses for hair, face and body!

The “Cleansing Nectar” can be used as a shampoo and a body wash and contains carthame oil which is rich in anti-oxidents an had protective properties

The “Moisturizing Balm” is a great conditioner for your hair as well as a body conditioner. It can also be used as a makeup remover as well

The “Nourishing Oil” is a great body oil and if your hair is feeling a little dry on the ends try some on there as well. Rich in jojoba, sunflower and sesame oils.

The “Replenishing Butter” acts an a deep moisturizer for you body and a intensive treatment for you hair as well

For the full experience come  in an get a pedicure with Melanie and a hair service with me and we’ll show you how versatile these new products are, head to toe.

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My New York Trip

In May I had the pleasure of attending the Luxury Hair Technology class at the Cristiano Cora Studio in Manhattan. Cristiano is a true artist and was exceptionally inspiring educator. Here are a few pictures from my class. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge.

For more information on the  Cristiano Cora Studio check out his blog cristianocora.wordpress.com

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What’s my favorite product

Clients often ask me what my favorite product is, and my answer is always  Dede Delicate Replenishing Leave in Mist from Davines. I use this on almost every single client that sits in my chair. It’s a leave-in conditioner that detangles an adds shine without making the hair heavy.What most people don’t realize is that you do not have to use a “rinse-out” conditioner every time you shampoo, but you must use a leave-in conditioner every time. So I recommend Dede.If you would like to schedule an appointment with Ronny please call (904)607-2014