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I’m loving the newest collection from Davines; “Mother of Pearl”

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Waves for the Holidays

Wavy hair is definitely in this holiday season, and it’s easier than you think!

• First you need to prep your damp hair. If your hair is fine I recommend mousse, preferably the Universal Mattering Mousse from Davines. Don’t be afraid of mousse, most of the problems people have are from applying incorrectly. Start by applying the mousse at the scalp first, then proceed to the ends, making sure to comb it through. For medium to coarse hair I would recommend Oi/Oil from Davines, it will give you body and nix the frizz.

• Now blow dry your hair. Make sure to blow it dry from scalp to ends, concentrating on the scalp first with your hands, then using a round brush for volume.

• Time to break out the curling iron. Wrap 2-inch-wide sections around a medium barrel curling iron. Holding it horizontally, coil the hair from the top down to over-curly ends.

• Now gently brush your hair with a paddle brush an run your fingers through to break them up.

• Spray your hair with hairspray, I prefer the Crystal Fixative from Davines, it gives great hold and lots of shine

You’re done, that wasn’t so hard was it?

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New treatment helps cancer patients keep their hair

A new Japanese study found that cooling the head of patients during chemotherapy sessions resulted in more than 82% of the patients retaining the majority of their hair. The study was on 255 women with breast cancer, wearing a DigniCap device. The coldness of the DigniCap reduces the the blood flow to the follicles which minimizes their absorption of the toxic chemicals. A study here in US is currently under way to test its effectiveness.

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