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The Glossing Service

One of the most under-utilized services in the salon is the Glossing Service.  Basically a glossing service is very similar to semi-permanent hair color, minus the color. It’s applied in the same fashion as color, but the result is shiny, better  conditioned, more manageable hair that lasts for up to six weeks. We also offer glossing services that are tinted to help accentuate your color or give your a more fashion forward look. Virtually any hair type can see added benefit with one of these services.

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Ammonia Free Hair Color

There has been quite a bit of misinformation  lately on the topic of Ammonia in hair color. There seem to be a concern that the new Ammonia-free trend in hair color is some how safer for you an your hair. Ammonia-free hair colors use a chemical called monoethanolamine, or MEA as it’s commonly referred, and is likely just as toxic as Ammonia.  The only difference is odor. That’s it. Hair color without ammonia is less stinky, it’s not necessarily any better for your hair. Ammonia enables color to penetrate deeper into the hair therefore giving you more vibrant, longer lasting color. Now when using “deposit-only” semi or demi permanent colors, MEA (ammonia-free) based color are an excellent choice.

As far as the Ammonia fumes are concerned I think this quote sums it up;

“We’re a company by and for hairdressers. We review the data, and there’s no indication that ammonia-based formulas put hairdressers or their clients at risk for any harm.”
-Brenda Duval

JPMS (Paul Mitchell) Vice President of Research and Development

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