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New treatment helps cancer patients keep their hair

A new Japanese study found that cooling the head of patients during chemotherapy sessions resulted in more than 82% of the patients retaining the majority of their hair. The study was on 255 women with breast cancer, wearing a DigniCap device. The coldness of the DigniCap reduces the the blood flow to the follicles which minimizes their absorption of the toxic chemicals. A study here in US is currently under way to test its effectiveness.

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Exciting Trip In January!

This January it is my privilege to attend the  Davines World Wide Hair Tour  in Miami. There will be two days of hair shows an education at the Fillmore Miami Beach at the Jackie Gleason Theater.  Featured artists are Angelo Seminara, Allilon, Brian & Kristen and the Davines Artistic Team stylists from North America.

I will also be attending a special private Davines 3-day cutting class at the Vidal Sassoon South Beach!!!!

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Need More Volume?

Clients often ask what they can do to get more volume in their hair. Here’s some tips.

1, Wash you’re hair with a volumizing shampoo or a shampoo long or fine hair ( I suggest MELU from DAVINES) and apply a light conditioner to the ends only.

2, Rinse an blot your hair with a towel. I’ve noticed clients apply their products to hair that is much to wet, which will dilute the product. Apply mousse (I like the Creative Moulding Foam from DAVINES) at the crown, near the scalp an then distribute with a comb through the ends.

3, Now with your dryer on high, really lift that hair off the scalp, flip upside down if you’d like.

4, When your hair is almost dry, section your hair into manageable portions an blow dry with a round brush, lifting each section straight out from the head.

5, For added volume use hot rollers. Place the roller 2 inches from your scalp (not the ends) then roll to the scalp, leaving the rest loose. You’ll get volume but without curl.

6, Leave them in for 10 minutes. Then flip your head over an ruffle your hair with you hands. At this point you can add  something for shine, or on more humid days add a little hairspray and you’re done.

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Why is some peoples hair curly?

I get asked this a lot, “why is some people hair curly?”. The shape depends on the shape of the hair follicle. This tiny structure guides the hair fiber up a sort of tube as it grows. The inside of the tube determines if the hair is curly or straight — ovals produce curly hair and circular tubes yield straight hair. If you think about gift wrapping ribbon, when you try to make it curly, you take the scissors and you pull it on one side, so you kind of flatten the one side and it curls. So you’re changing the shape of one side compared to the other. When it’s oval, one side is curved and the other side is flat, which makes it curl.

“The Wrong Theory”

While reading Wired magazine recently I stumbled across a design theory that I’m obsessed with, called  “The Wrong Theory”.  The basic theory is to take something from a good design an intentionally mess it up. The reason is that it engages the viewer, makes them really pay attention an reflect for a moment. Wired magazine does this on their cover, they intentionally put a weird pattern or a color that doesn’t quite flow with the rest of the design. Here’s some examples of their covers. The writer (designer) likens it to listening to a new cd. That cd that you love upon the first listen, you’ll listen to it till your sick of it then put it away. But a cd that you don’t immediately like, one that challenges you to listen on a different level,  can be more rewarding over time.

I’m obsessed with how to translate this into hair. How something a little off, could engage the onlooker. Whether its a non-complementary color added or creating a negative space within a haircut the possibilities are endless. A good friend of mine let me experiment the other day. After completing his haircut I thought about creating a “wrong”. I had given him a very traditional tapered neck line and decided it needed some visual interest. So I shaved a narrow vertical  rectangular shape within the taper. The effect was exactly what I wanted, something was a little off, therefore it made you do a double-take. I can’t wait to experiment more with this idea.

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